Underground Boxing Gym Brooklyn

Underground Boxing gym, located in the heart of South Brooklyn, NY welcomes individuals of all ages, boxing & fitness experience levels looking to grow stronger physically & mentally; Coaching all of our students, members and fighters to accomplish their goals!

We offer 2 types of training. Group classes (90 minutes) & private training. Privates are catered to the individual needs of students and fighters. 

Our training is heavily focused on mastering the fundamentals of boxing: footwork, defense, head movement, proper punch techniques & combinations, full body strength & conditioning, power development, calisthenics, flexibility and sparring (when ready). 

Make a huge difference in your physical & mental health and your safety and have fun doing it! Strong body, strong mind and strong spirit! We encourage you to stop by our gym or give us a phone call to speak with our coaches so we can learn about you and your goals!

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Ages 4-9

Ages 10-17

Ages 18+

What You Should Expect From Underground Boxing

Learn Self Defense
Get In Fight Shape
Look & Feel Phenomenal
Improve Your Boxing Skills
Positive Environment
As Long As You Show Up, Work Hard & Listen!
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